Jen Yates

Jen Yates lived with her own personal hero, in New Zealand.

Her first three novels were written while teaching, when there was no time for research. Contemporary rural New Zealand romance was a great place to start.

Retired and able to indulge her real passion, Jen wrote Romance set in the Regency era. These have a sexy edge, with the ‘Lords of the Matrix Club’ series verging on erotica.

Jen knew she'd had a lifetime in the Regency era. It just felt like coming home. Though she was pretty sure in reality she would have been below stairs.

But that’s what romance is all about—living the life of your dreams.

Deryn Pittar

Deryn Pittar is an award-winning author, published in Sci.Fi., Fantasy, futuristic and contemporary Romance, Horror and Young Adult. She also writes short and flash fiction and dabbles in poetry. She belongs to several writing and poetry groups and enjoys feedback from her fellow authors.

Her latest novel, “On the Wind’, a contemporary novel set in the back country of New Zealand, has just been released.

Kerry Whiley

Born and bred in West Sussex, Kerry emigrated to Aotearoa, New Zealand in 2002 with her husband and three daughters for their own further adventures. With a precious piece of Hawke's Bay to 'green up', Kerry enjoys growing for sustainability and sharing the knowledge and love of permaculture. However, the Sussex Downs will always have a special place in her heart.

Meg Buchanan

Megs lives in Paeroa with her husband and a black labrador and has been writing novels for ten years. She has fifteen books in three different series published under the Meg Buchanan pen name.

The Hennessey Series is historical fiction set around gold mining in the Coromandel. The Trojan Gene Series, is Dystopian Scifi, also set in the Coromandel, and the Saturday Night Pub Band series, contemporary romance, set there too.


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