What we do.

When you have worked hard and created your manuscript, knowing where to go from there can be difficult. You might want to publish it just to have copies to give your friends, or take the book out into the world and see if you have written a best seller.

But how can you make it happen?

That is where Range Road Press comes in. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in navigating the publishing world and getting your book out there.

How we help.

We can help with polishing your manuscript and creating a beautiful book. We can design an eye-catching cover and an exciting blurb. Then inside the cover, create beautifully formatted text, and add all the right front and back matter.

Once that is done, we will help you set up an Amazon account so you can sell it yourself. Or we can load both the eBook and paperback onto our account at Amazon and promote it on our website, social media, and newsletter.

Cost to you. $1000.00 NZ GST Inc

Traditionally publishers have paid authors an advance for the right to publish a manuscript and the publisher took most of the profit in return for taking all the risk. But over the years, that has changed, and now authors can share the cost upfront for a greater return on any sales.

 Send us a well-edited final manuscript, and we will charge you $1000 (including GST) for your book's formatting, cover, and launch-ready digital files.

 You will receive 50% of the net profits from any sales (most publishing platforms currently take 30% off the sale of any book, and you and RRP split the remainder they pay out).

The services we offer.


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