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After writing fiction for ten years and self publishing, I thought it would be a great idea to have all the resources for learning how to write a book and and publish it, in one place. A place where aspiring authors could find everything they needed.

My daughter Emma said, "Why don't we do it? You know about publishing and I know about running a business and marketing,”  And  at that moment  ‘Range Road Press’ was born.

We listed the essentials an author requires:
  • A comprehensive series of courses on how to write a book.
  • A directory of people, skilled in assessing, editing and proofreading manuscripts.
  • Access to covers, formatting, and blurb writing.
  • Learning keywords and categories, setting up an author page, loading the manuscript ready for sale.
  • Launching the book, and marketing it.


We decided to start small, and began with designing great covers. We'd create designs to choose from. Then we'd customize the cover with the title and author's name.

We have put together a small team of cover designers, to create covers that are unique and designed to market. Each day more are added to our catalogue. We think, giving authors access to reasonably priced covers is essential to their journey to publication. Later we'll add all the other aspects of publishing. 

Emma and I would love you to browse the cover designs. If nothing appeals today – call back in a few days the perfect cover for your book might be there.

Or contact us now and we'll discuss your ideas and look at creating a design for your book.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.
We hope you find a design you love.

Sheryl & Emma Buchanan


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Range Road Press is a small family-owned business based in New Zealand. Our staff are paid a living wage. Shop with confidence our site features Cyber Security.


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