The Remittance - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 1

When William Hennessey turns up at midnight needing somewhere to hide, John Willis doesn’t realise how much his life will change. A few days later, he and William are boarding the immigrant ship The Remittance and are bound for New Zealand. John isn’t sure about his decision to go with William until he sees another passenger, Daisy Hammond.

The Claim - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 2

New Zealand, 1875. After leaving England to avoid criminal charges, William Hennessey hears gold has been discovered in the Ohinemuri and hopes to make his fortune by staking a claim on the Karangahake Mountain. Then he meets Mere, she’s beautiful, she’s passionate. and everything about him and his plans to mine on the mountain sacred to the local iwi angers her.

The Furnace - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 3

New Zealand, 1885. Dominic Farrell remembers how hard life was before he and Declan left Ireland, but now they have the farm, so if they can just survive the drought, they’ll have security. But friends from their old life draw Declan into a risky scheme. They want him to go gold mining with them in the hope that the rumours a new type of furnace will not only make the mine viable but will make them a fortune.

The First Contingent - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 5

Auckland, New Zealand, October 1899. Captain Dominic Farrell is working for Colonel Pole Penton, the commander-in-chief of the NZ army, as one of his aides. Dominic’s job is to oversee the recruitment of volunteers in the Auckland region to fight in the Boer War.

He runs into Alice, the girl he used to be in love with and is shocked to discover she is engaged to the local doctor. Dom tries to convince her she’s making a mistake. They argue, and before he can make things right, he’s ordered to Wellington to help train the volunteers.

In Wellington, he decides he’s happy with Lucille, his mistress, and he’ll forget about Alice. Then she turns up with her fiancé, and he’s torn between the two women. Who will he choose, Lucille or Alice? And does Alice still want him? Or does Lucille?

The Priory - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 4

Courtney Samuels has his life organized just the way he wants it. His mother cooks for him and keeps his house in order. He has friends for companionship and a mistress who meets all his other needs. Besides his best friend is married to the only woman he’s ever loved.

Then he meets Sophie.


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