Wages of Sin- Jen Yates

Regency Rebelles- Book 1

Lady Liberty Davencourt’s father vowed to his wife at their marriage he’d not allow scandal to taint their family. Liberty knows convincing him to allow her to marry Levi Longfellow, the man of her heart, her ‘particeps criminus’ from the schoolroom, will be a test of their obstinate wills.

Levi’s mother might have been a ‘lady’ once, and governess to the children at Stannesford Hall, but she’d married the miller of Stannesford village. Which made Levi’s hopes to marry Lord Stannesford’s daughter a foolish man’s impossible dream.

Courting Controversy- Jen Yates

Regency Rebelles- Book 2

Lady Lucinda Wolfenden is not a typical young lady of the ton. At almost 25 she’s been managing the Pennington estates and holding everything together for several years against the return of the heir, her 2nd cousin, Lord Gabriel Wolfenden.

But when Gabriel returns from Waterloo he sweeps away all her objections with his determination to honor the promise he made to her grandfather before going to war seven years before. The war is over, he is now the earl, and he is ready to take her to wife.

Rules of Rebellion- Jen Yates

Regency Rebelles- Book 3

Lady Raquelle Adderley is restless. Her best friend, Lady Lucy Wolfenden, with whom she’d planned to travel in their advanced spinsterhood, has betrayed their pact and married. So when Major Alex Beaumont comes in search of a woman with Lucy’s particular manly skills with sword and pistol, to undertake a delicate rescue mission to France, Raquelle is ready for the adventure.

Debt of Honor- Jen Yates

Regency Rebelles- Book 4

Miss Carly Silverton has successfully hidden her true identity for ten years since her father wagered and lost her to the infamous Earl of Danvers.

Nursing the wounded Captain Jackson Arlington leads to attraction and temptation. But just as her lonely heart finds love and her needy body learns about lust, she makes a discovery too chilling to contemplate.


Love Unconditional - Jen Yates

Lords of the Matrix Club- Book One

He was her birthright. She was born for him. But by the time Lady Jassie Carlisle claimed her first kiss at her sixteenth birthday party, Lord Rogan Windermere is irreparably damaged and knows he can never take any woman to wife. Jassie vows her love is unconditional. Will it be enough? than he lets on.

Love Unmasked- Jen Yates

Lords of the Matrix Club- Book Two

Secrets, a scurrilous bet and a Duke in need of a wife.

Dominic Beresford never expected to inherit the dukedom or need to produce an heir and he wants no wife but Lady Jassinda, the woman already wed to his best friend, the Earl of Windermere. Lady Sherida would make a perfect duchess—if she was the woman he loved. Can he settle for one who is perfect in every other way to become a duchess?

Love Unexpected- Jen Yates

Lords of the Matrix Club- Book Three

Had he lived the whole of that life with his handsome head shoved up his arrogant backside, believing a lie that would change the course of his life.

Then his childhood friend, Lady Jane Rotherby, reappeared in his life and the revelation of her secret may prove the most damning—or unexpected—of all.

Love Undeniable- Jen Yates

Lords of the Matrix Club- Book Four

Fate has a lot to answer for. Lord Ajax Knightsborough’s intention to retire to his estates is delayed by the need to clear his name against a rumor of treason. His most promising lead is dead in an accident clearly meant for the man’s wife, Lady Penelope Grantwood. When her ladyship erupts into his life, guns at the ready, all Knight’s dark ennui dissipates. The old Knight needed no one. The new Knight needed her—a widow of twenty-four hours.

Short Stories and Novellas - JEN YATES

A Hint of Dark- Jen Yates

Lords of the Matrix Club Prequel- A Short Story

Haunted by his past mistakes, and his unrequited love for Jassie Carlisle, Wolverton is struggling. Then his cousin, Knight, offers him a unique opportunity to atone for his past.

Knight suggests Dom becomes the Master of Virgins, a service available through the Matrix Club. He is hesitant at first. But as he helps a young woman who is being sold off to an old rake for financial gain, he begins to find a purpose in life.

A Dash of Wicked- Jen Yates

Lords of the Matrix Club Novella

Madame Charis is a woman of many secrets, but none as scandalous as her alter ego - the aristocratic Madame who presides over the Matrix Club. By day, she is a dutiful daughter to her elderly parents, but at night, she indulges in the scandalous desires of her club's members. When Ajax Beresford arrives seeking membership, she is intrigued by the darkness that surrounds him. She sees something that reminds her of herself when she was younger and wants to help him.

She is aware she needs to be careful. Madame Charis knows the true identity of every member of the club, but no one can be allowed to guess hers.

Lord Devil's Bond Maiden- Jen Yates

A Regency Romance Standalone Novella

Set in 1815, on the Isle of Wight, where pirates and smugglers rule the waves and societal norms are as elusive as the morning mist. Lord Deverill Buchanan, known as Devil, bears the weight of an indiscretion from his youth.

He was dishonorable in his dealings with one sister while trying to protect the other. But instead of protecting her, his actions devastated Lady Gypsophila’s 16-year-old heart and pushed her away.

As time and the ache in his soul propel him toward redemption, he must weave an intricate web of falsehoods to coax Gypsy back into his life.

In a world where the outcome hinges on the turn of a card. Can love conquer the shadowy secrets of the past, and will the turbulent tides of their emotions finally bring them together, or keep them forever apart?


A Deal with the Devil- Jen Yates

An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance.

Long ago, Jo Harrison decided she had minimal talent for being a woman, so she worked hard to be the best man she could be. Now she’s a world class shearer, a knowledgeable farmer and a dedicated hunter of wild pigs and deer. She wants to earn enough money to buy the farm next door to hers. The two farms were once a single entity and Jo’s lush river flats are the perfect complement to the rugged high country of the other holding.

Then when she is ready to make an offer on the land, she discovers Finn McCulloch has inherited it, derailing her life and dreams. To make things worse, when Jo meets Finn, irritatingly, he thinks she is a boy and Jo doesn’t bother to correct that impression.

Demon of Heaven Bay- Jen Yates

An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance.

As one of the few veterinary surgeons on the Coromandel Peninsula and following a painful divorce from her childhood soul mate, Samantha Cross has finally found peace, independence and self-reliance on her small Highland cattle fold at Heaven Bay. Until the day Carric O Callaghan, the new racehorse stud owner from next door rides onto her beach, and starts a ripple that threatens to become a wild spring tide. But Sam has just recovered from marriage to a wealthy, self-confident playboy so the demon is not welcome in her paradise.

Focused on setting up his stud and raising his two teenage sons, Carric finds Sam Cross a distraction that is messing with his determination not to let a woman close again. But now he’s discovered Heaven Bay and its owner, he wants both.

 Can two wary hearts learn to trust again?

Fallen Angel- Jen Yates

A Second Chance Sports Romance.

Kate Smith, haunted by the loss of her fiancé, starts a fresh chapter at McQuarry Adventure Park. She’s seeking the solace of a new beginning. But fate has a different plan, as the first person she meets is Mac McQuarry, a man she once attended university lectures with. When he introduces himself to Kate as Dev McQuarry, the line between his past and present blurs.

 Dev McQuarry wants to erase the memories of his former self, Angelico McQuarry. When he was a rugby star, scandal shadowed him during the New Zealand All Blacks’ tour in Britain. He now guards his identity behind a new name and avoids emotional entanglement. Then Kate bursts into his life, and Dev’s walls crumble.

 Can Kate and Dev find the strength to confront their pasts and embrace the powerful attraction pulling them together? Love, redemption, and the prospect of a future filled with passion await. But secrets threaten to tear them apart.


Adonis Blue - Kerry Whiley

Somewhere Only We Know Book One

Tiffany Grace has spent the last six years in silence, hiding from the world after a traumatic incident that almost took her life. But when she mysteriously inherits a property near the site of her attack, Tiffany finds herself drawn back into the world she thought she had left behind.

As she settles into her new home, Tiffany begins to uncover secrets about her past and those around her. Her brother Matt is not the person she thought he was, and her handsome neighbour Niall Quinn seems to know more about her than he lets on.

A Fold in Time - Kerry Whiley

Somewhere Only We Know Book Two

Having never known love after suffering a horrendous assault as a teenager, Tiffany Grace is now faced with two men who have unexpectedly come into her life.

Each one seems like the perfect match in his own unique way. But Tiffany's romantic struggles take a back seat when her life is threatened by the shadowy forces that connect her to the 11th century. She doesn't know how to escape, and the danger seems to be escalating with each passing day.

Somewhere Only We Know - Kerry Whiley

Boxset- Bks 1&2 Adonis Blue & A Fold in Time

Tiffany Grace has spent the last six years in silence, hiding from the world after a traumatic incident that almost took her life. But when she mysteriously inherits a property near the site of her attack, Tiffany finds herself drawn back into the world she thought she had left behind.

Two men have unexpectedly come into her life. Each one seems like the perfect match in his own unique way. But Tiffany's romantic struggles take a back seat when her life is threatened by the shadowy forces that connect her to the 11th century. She doesn't know how to escape, and the danger seems to be escalating with each passing day.


The Remittance - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 1

When William Hennessey turns up at midnight needing somewhere to hide, John Willis doesn’t realise how much his life will change. A few days later, he and William are boarding the immigrant ship The Remittance and are bound for New Zealand. John isn’t sure about his decision to go with William until he sees another passenger, Daisy Hammond.

The Claim - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 2

New Zealand, 1875. After leaving England to avoid criminal charges, William Hennessey hears gold has been discovered in the Ohinemuri and hopes to make his fortune by staking a claim on the Karangahake Mountain. Then he meets Mere, she’s beautiful, she’s passionate. and everything about him and his plans to mine on the mountain sacred to the local iwi angers her.

The Furnace - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 3

New Zealand, 1885. Dominic Farrell remembers how hard life was before he and Declan left Ireland, but now they have the farm, so if they can just survive the drought, they’ll have security. But friends from their old life draw Declan into a risky scheme. They want him to go gold mining with them in the hope that the rumours a new type of furnace will not only make the mine viable but will make them a fortune.

The First Contingent - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 5

Auckland, New Zealand, October 1899. Captain Dominic Farrell is working for Colonel Pole Penton, the commander-in-chief of the NZ army, as one of his aides. Dominic’s job is to oversee the recruitment of volunteers in the Auckland region to fight in the Boer War.

He runs into Alice, the girl he used to be in love with and is shocked to discover she is engaged to the local doctor. Dom tries to convince her she’s making a mistake. They argue, and before he can make things right, he’s ordered to Wellington to help train the volunteers.

In Wellington, he decides he’s happy with Lucille, his mistress, and he’ll forget about Alice. Then she turns up with her fiancé, and he’s torn between the two women. Who will he choose, Lucille or Alice? And does Alice still want him? Or does Lucille?

The Priory - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 4

Courtney Samuels has his life organized just the way he wants it. His mother cooks for him and keeps his house in order. He has friends for companionship and a mistress who meets all his other needs. Besides his best friend is married to the only woman he’s ever loved.

Then he meets Sophie.

Books by Deryn Pittar

On the Wind - Deryn Pittar

It started as an idea, a brilliant solution to their financial woes.

Sarah and James establish The Church of Contemplation as a legal charity to save their ailing farm-stay business- and avoid paying tax. It proves to be profitable and enjoyable. but being kind, grateful, and tolerant on a daily basis is a lot harder than they imagined.

Adding to the problems of accidents to guests and fireworks, a nosey journalist arrives and begins to query their motives.  He becomes a paying guest - and then he demands to join their business. Another problem to solve.

A life- threatening event causes them to reconsider their goals, their reason for establishing the church and how to continue, because not everyone in the family is happy with the present situation.

An entertaining slice of rural life in New Zealand, with a medley of interesting characters.

All this—and a wind phone!

Future Movers Series- Deryn Pittar

The Traveller - Deryn Pittar

In a universe where talents shape destinies, William possesses the incredible ability to traverse vast distances in the blink of an eye, while Belinda wields her mind to manipulate objects of immense weight.

Genetically altered and forged in the government's rearing-nursery, they escaped the clutches of their oppressors, only to face a new threat: discovery.

Years later, their paths converge, sparking a dangerous alliance. As their late-blooming talents emerge, they become hunted by the very government they fled. Freedom hangs in the balance, teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Bound by their shared past and uncertain future, William and Belinda must navigate a treacherous landscape of betrayal and intrigue. Can they trust each other enough to unlock the power of their love, or will they succumb to the relentless pursuit of the Defense Department?

In this gripping tale of survival and sacrifice, The Traveller explores a future where love defies all odds. But as they face the ultimate test of loyalty, William and Belinda must confront the one talent they cannot control - their hearts.

Time Manager - Deryn Pittar

In a pulsating dance of danger and love, Time Manager plunges you into a world where every second counts and love defies all odds.

James Corban, a master of time manipulation, leaps into action to save Sarah Coster from the clutches of a brutal attack in a bustling nightclub. As their hearts collide, James discovers Sarah shares his genetic alterations, binding them together in a forbidden romance.

But their passion ignites a firestorm of suspicion from the government, threatening to tear them apart. With Sarah carrying their unborn child, the stakes skyrocket as they face relentless interrogation from the Defense Department. Can they outwit the enforcers of authority, or will their love become a casualty of their secrets?

The Chameleon - Deryn Pittar

In the heart of the Australian outback, amidst scorching heat and breathtaking sunsets, sparks fly between Jill Corban and Dr. Michael Scott. But their romance is anything but ordinary.

Jill, seeking commitment, finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Michael, who has embraced the single life. Can they bridge the gap between their desires, or are they doomed to remain star-crossed lovers?

As their passion ignites, they are thrust into a world of danger and intrigue. Kidnappings, clandestine research trips, and shadowy government agents lurk in the background, threatening to tear them apart.

Light Spinner - Deryn Pittar

Stella Corban faces an impossible choice: risk her genetically altered family's safety for love or deny her heart's desire and lose the one man who sets her soul ablaze.

With unparalleled abilities, Stella navigates a world where love is the one force she cannot control. Despite her family's generations-long evasion of the Defence Department, a chance encounter between Matt Saunders and a government minister sends tremors of fear through Stella's heart, forcing her to distance herself from the man she loves.

But Matt refuses to yield. From the sun-drenched outback to the bustling cityscape and beyond, he relentlessly pursues Stella, determined to prove that their love is worth any risk.

Memory Collector - Deryn Pittar

Thomas Winters finds himself at a crossroads: a chance encounter with Kate Bentley, a woman with a remarkable gift, ignites a spark of hope in his lonely heart.

As he gently pursues her, Thomas uncovers Kate's extraordinary ability to see memory bubbles, a power she uses to preserve her father's fading recollections. But Thomas suspects there's more to Kate than meets the eye. Could she be genetically altered like him? Determined to uncover the truth, he enlists the help of his old friend William Corban, plunging them both into a world of secrets and uncertainty.

Angel, Dragons and Things That Go Bump in the Night Series- Deryn Pittar

Lutapolii - Deryn Pittar

Dragons can't swim and they can't catch seals -but Lutapolii can.

Lutapolii, a puny white dragon, escapes to the south to avoid his mother’s mocking words. He learns to dive, swim and catch seals until winter creeps up on him and he finds himself stranded.

With luck on his side, he manages to survive, and returns home in the spring, stronger, taller and very handsome – for a dragon.

After discovering he has been declared dead by the dragon queen, Lutapolii considers this absolves him of all loyalty and decides to establish a flight of his own in the southern seas. All he needs is a handful of lady dragons. Can he steal them from the queen's flight?

Jasper's Bloodlines - Deryn Pittar

Counselling might help Jasper overcome his fear of the dark – if only his counsellor didn’t smell so delicious!

In the intricate dance between darkness and desire, Jasper grapples with his dual nature as a half-vampire. Counselling beckons as a beacon of hope, yet its allure is tainted by the intoxicating scent of his therapist.

With a vampire father and a human mother, Jasper's existence straddles two worlds, each pulling him in conflicting directions. As he battles his primal instincts and the relentless demands of his mundane life, he finds solace in the enigmatic Ms. Davidson.

Angelfire - Deryn Pittar & Meg Buchanan

Emma isn’t looking for trouble. She’s an angel in hiding – but her evil brother has found her. She’s been chosen as this year’s offering for Halloween, and she’s prepared to fight to the death to prevent it happening.

Her neighbor is home on leave: Handsome, fighting fit and after one meeting their mutual attraction is sparking. Can she dare to ask for his help? Will he believe her?

Novellas by Deryn Pittar

Luck be a Lady- Deryn Pittar

Meet Charles Paterson, a seasoned Private Investigator with a unique twist—he's battling agoraphobia, a fear that keeps him locked within the confines of his own home. But don't mistake his condition for weakness; it's merely a hurdle he's determined to overcome.

In a bid to reclaim his life, Charles adopts Lady, a rescue dog whose companionship becomes his lifeline. With Lady by his side, he plunges back into the world of crime-solving, taking on seemingly routine cases—a missing wife, a lost dog, a suspected cheating husband. Yet, beneath the surface of these bread-and-butter cases lie dark secrets waiting to be unearthed. Is the missing wife truly a wife, or is there something more sinister at play? And could a murder have slipped under the radar?

Thunder Makes Me Cry- Deryn Pittar

In the midst of a storm, Antonia finds comfort in the unexpected presence of Andrew Mason.

Though their encounter begins oddly, it blossoms into a romance that tugs at the heartstrings, only to falter when Antonia uncovers Andrew has deceived her.

Determined to pursue her dreams, Antonia charts her own path, leaving Andrew grappling with unfamiliar vulnerability. Desperate for her forgiveness, Andrew embarks on a journey to find her.


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