Wyngate - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Novella

London, 1874. William Hennessey, heir to the Hennessey fortune has left university and plans on embarking on a grand tour of Europe. He comes home to tell his parents and find they have already arranged to go to the neighbour’s place for a few days. After going pheasant shooting with his friend John Willis, William joins his parents at the Perrier Estate and the events of the next few days will change his life forever.

The Remittance - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 1

When William Hennessey turns up at midnight needing somewhere to hide, John Willis doesn’t realise how much his life will change. A few days later, he and William are boarding the immigrant ship The Remittance and are bound for New Zealand. John isn’t sure about his decision to go with William until he sees another passenger, Daisy Hammond.

The Claim - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 2

New Zealand, 1875. After leaving England to avoid criminal charges, William Hennessey hears gold has been discovered in the Ohinemuri and hopes to make his fortune by staking a claim on the Karangahake Mountain. Then he meets Mere, she’s beautiful, she’s passionate. and everything about him and his plans to mine on the mountain sacred to the local iwi angers her.

The Furnace - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 3

New Zealand, 1885. Dominic Farrell remembers how hard life was before he and Declan left Ireland, but now they have the farm, so if they can just survive the drought, they’ll have security. But friends from their old life draw Declan into a risky scheme. They want him to go gold mining with them in the hope that the rumours a new type of furnace will not only make the mine viable but will make them a fortune.

The Priory - Meg Buchanan

Hennessey Series Book 4

Courtney Samuels has his life organized just the way he wants it. His mother cooks for him and keeps his house in order. He has friends for companionship and a mistress who meets all his other needs. Besides his best friend is married to the only woman he’s ever loved.

Then he meets Sophie.

Hennessey Boxset - Meg Buchanan

Novella - Wyngate

A rash decision. A false accusation. A fight to the death.

Book 1 - The Remittance
London 1874- When his friend William Hennessey turns up on his doorstep at midnight needing somewhere to hide, John Willis doesn’t realise how much his life will change.

A few days later, he and William are boarding an immigrant ship bound for New Zealand. John isn’t sure about his decision to accompany William, until he sees Daisy Hammond on the deck of The Remittance and sets about winning her heart.

Book 2 - The Claim
New Zealand, 1875. After leaving England to avoid criminal charges, William Hennessey hears gold has been discovered in the Ohinemuri.

He hopes to make his fortune by staking a claim on the Karangahake Mountain. Then he meets Mere, she’s beautiful, she’s passionate. and everything about him and his plans to mine on the mountain sacred to the local iwi angers her.

Cradle of the World Series- Ben Onslow

Off-Grid by Ben Onslow

Ela’s father recorded a message for her before he died, and one message can change your life…..

New Zealand, 2051. Ela is part of the Elite and lives in the City. The life she leads is privileged, but boring and filled with rules. One night when she’s out with her friends, they break all the rules and find themselves in big trouble.

She gets sent to live with her grandfather to keep her out of harm’s way.

Jack Fraser longs to join the Resistance. But his boss saddles him with a chaperone job. At first, he resents having to look after Ela, but as he gets to know her, he realises, he really likes her.

The Cell- Cradle of the World by Ben Onslow

To be released July 1st 2022

He wants to fight his oppressors. She holds the key to a new world. Together they can transform the future…

New Zealand, 2051. Eighteen-year-old Jack Fraser longs to join the Resistance. And after failing to save a local farmer from a brutal death, he vows to prove himself by fighting back against government troops. But when he reluctantly took on the job of protecting his boss’s granddaughter, Ela he had no idea she guarded humanity’s darkest secret…


Song For Jess - Meg Buchanan

Train Wreck Series Novella 

Song for Jess, is the beginning of the Train Wreck, series, and is the start of Isaac and Jess’s story.

It was Train Wreck that made Stadium. And Train Wreck finished us too. But a lot happened in between.

First, I wrote Song for Jess. A song about how I felt about Jess Murphy. About watching her. Because that’s what I did then.

Watched her, yearningly, thirsting.

Stardust - Meg Buchanan

Train Wreck Series #1

Stardust is the first book in the Train Wreck series. It’s the story of Jess and Isaac, and the band Stadium.

All I want to do is to play music.
All Jess wants is to paint.
How hard can that be?
But life just keeps getting in the way.
So, no fairy tales. Not much happily ever after either.
Just something to hold onto.

I love Jess, and she loves me.

Ridden Hard - Meg Buchanan

Train Wreck Series #2 

Am I willing to risk my job for her?

She seems as attracted to me as I am to her.

But with a father determined to drink himself to death and more unemployed than working, I need this job.

High Strung - Meg Buchanan

Train Wreck Series #3

Who made the stick to your own decade rule anyway? I love her and she insists we remain a secret.

I can’t resist her, the way she looks, the way she moves, and her accent all draw me in. She can be hard to please but being with her is exciting. Passion, pleasure, punishment, and pain mixed.

Shadow Dancing - Meg Buchanan

Train Wreck Series #4 

I’m Luke Reilly.
I’ve been going with Pippa since we started college.
Pippa wants me to marry her.
Dad wants me to work in the family business.
They think my life is mapped out.

But I’ve already escaped from straight jacket they’ve put me in.
When I met Rose, I couldn’t choose between her and Pip.
Anyway, why do I have to choose one girl? Why can’t I have them all?
They live in different towns, so I figured I shouldn’t get caught.

Love Me Goodbye - Meg Buchanan

Train Wreck Series #5 

I’m having a really bad night. It’s been my flatmate Pippa for me for as long as I can remember, and it looks like she’s just got back with her Luke.
So, I’m in a bar aiming for oblivion.
Then a beautiful girl walks in. If she’d come home with me that would show Pippa.

Train Wreck Boxset - Meg Buchanan

Books 1 -5

It was Train Wreck that made us. And Train Wreck finished us too.

But a lot happened in between.

There are five of us are in Stadium, so five love stories woven together. No fairy tales. Not much happily ever after either, because life gets in the way. So, most of the time, happy for now is as good as it gets

Butterfly Kisses - Meg Buchanan

A Train Wreck Standalone 

Pretty things,
Flit through my life,
With delicate gossamer wings,
That never leave a mark.

Miles leaned over and pulled another bottle out of the crate. “A whole song about of the joys of casual sex? Didn’t know that was possible.”
“It works.” Isaac paused the music at the end of the track.
“Why butterflies?” Toby rested his elbows on his knees. “I haven’t heard them called that before.” “Just something I said to Jess that first night, I worked it into what I’d already written.”
Toby shrugged. “We’ll be the poster boys for the STD clinics. You’re going to have to tone it down. And Jess isn’t going to love it.”
“It won’t be her favourite.”
“Hasn’t she heard it?” asked Miles.
“Not yet.” And he was going to have to do something about that, somehow manage Jess’s expectations.


Street Smart -by Ben Onslow

A Matt Reeves Novella

Matt Reeves has come home after a spending a few years travelling the world.  Now he’s joined the police force. Not long after he finishes his training he’s recruited to work undercover. He’s assigned to Wellington to find out why methamphetamine has been flooding the streets.
At first, he doesn’t like the work. But during the investigation, he meets a bunch of street kids and befriends one of them, a girl called Charlie.
When tragedy strikes and some of the kids get hurt Matt helps Charlie. He starts to wonder whether he can make a bigger difference working undercover or going back to regular police work.
The City at Night is fast paced with lots of action.
Matt Reeves is the New Zealand Jack Reacher, and Street Smart is the first book in the Matt Reeves series.

The Ride by Ben Onslow

Matt Reeves Series #1

To be released 1st July 2022

Train hard. Ride fast. And win!

That’s what moto trials rider Josh Reeves usually lives for.But lately, even with coaching and a new bike on offer, life keeps getting in the way.

He crashes his bike, so it looks like his season is over.

He’s going out with the wrong girl.

Then a game of dare gets out of control, and he can’t see a way out without looking weak in front of his mates. And now the cops are getting too close for comfort.

Can he find a way to make everything right?

Or are the police going to work out who is behind the random weekly thefts?

Angelfire - Deryn Pittar & Meg Buchanan

Emma isn’t looking for trouble. She’s an angel in hiding – but her evil brother has found her. She’s been chosen as this year’s offering for Halloween, and she’s prepared to fight to the death to prevent it happening.

Her neighbor is home on leave: Handsome, fighting fit and after one meeting their mutual attraction is sparking. Can she dare to ask for his help? Will he believe her?

The Future Movers - Deryn Pittar

Catching Love When it Falls - Deryn Pittar

Talents come in many shapes and forms. William’s talent is to move through space between locations in the blink of an eye. Belinda uses her talent to lift objects of great weight with her mind.

William and Belinda, both genetically altered, meet years after leaving the government rearing-nursery. The late development of their talents allowed them to escape a life devoted to the government's defence departments. Releases to be adopted into the community, they have thrived but if their skills are now discovered they will be conscripted by the government and never be free again.

Can they trust each other enough to allow love to bloom? Can they risk the renewed attention of the Defence Department?

Love's Bright Star - Deryn Pittar

A romance fraught with heart stopping moments and time stopping episodes.

James Corban stops time to rescue Sarah Coster from an attack in a nightclub. He has recognized that she is g-altered, like him. They begin a relationship, hoping to remain unobserved by the government. Sarah becomes pregnant and both are questioned by the Defense Department. They deny their relationship, but have they successfully deflected the government’s attention? And what of the talents the unborn baby appears to have? Can James save Sarah and his child - even if he has to stop time again to do it?

Love's Red Heart - Deryn Pittar

Love’s Red Heart beats within us all in this lively romance among the snakes, heat, aborigines and fabulous sunsets.

Jill Corban meets Dr Michael Scott while on holiday with family in Alice Springs. Attraction is mutual but Michael has made a promise to his grandmother to marry a member of his race - and Jill is from a genetically altered family. Each one is proud of their heritage. Is there any middle ground where they can meet and reach a compromise?

Their attraction seems doomed as they deal with a kidnapping and a research field trip where Defence Department agents are on the trail of a woman the Aborigines are calling ‘little lizard’. Will James Corban’s skill to stop time, and little Stella’s ability to ‘jump’, untangle this lover’s knot?

A Stellar Affair - Deryn Pittar

Stella Corban’s choice is hard - fall in love and endanger her genetically altered family, or lose the one man who makes her heart joyful. For all her talents the one thing Stella Corban has no control over is the power of love. Will her heart put her family’s safety at risk?

For three generations they have avoided conscription by the Defence department but Matt’s acquaintance with the Minister frightens Stella into avoiding further contact with him.

Matt Saunders will not be thwarted. Stella is the woman he wants, and he pursues her from the outback to the city and beyond.

 Will discovering her talents shatter Matt’s passion? Can he be relied on to keep a secret? Can she risk her safety and the family’s security by falling in love  - then a life-threatening event removes any choice she has.

Set between two vibrant cities and the beautiful wilderness of Australia’s Red Desert this novel will warm your heart and delight your senses

Romance the Memory Collector - Deryn Pittar

For Thomas Winters, single and lonely, meeting Kate Bentley is the chance of a lifetime. Shy and hesitant, Thomas courts her with gentle determination.  When he discovers she can see memory bubbles, collecting them to return to her father’s failing mind, he suspects she could be g-altered like him. He asks his old friend William Corban to investigate.

Their romance falters when Thomas adopts Suzie, a genetically-altered child from the “Nursery” where he grew up. Kate’s misunderstanding sees her cut Thomas from her life, but when her father, wanders off she turns to Thomas, and his dog Buster, for help to find him.

Kate realizes her future is tied to this gentle man who has won her heart - but has she left it too late?

A roller-coaster sweet romance filled with lovable characters

The Future Movers Boxset - Deryn Pittar

Five romances - laced with Magical Realism

For three generations the genetically altered Corban family have hid their talents from the Defence Department and avoided conscription.

Follow this family’s trials, loves and achievements in this series of  romances. Genetically altered at conception William and Belinda begin this saga and pass their genetic cocktail to their children. The mixture of talents each character develops can at times be a blessing and at other times prevents them from giving into their heart’s desires. Intelligent, multi-talented, yet pretending to be boringly normal these characters continue to live their lives under the radar. Join them on their journey, feel their fear and share their triumphs.

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