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How to buy one of our covers

It's easy. You browse through the covers in our covershop and choose the one that will suit your book. You can use the categories and just browse the covers from your genre. Or you can browse the whole shop and see if any catch your eye.

Once you have choosen your cover, you let us know the title, series name or tagline and the author name. We will make the changes and almost immediately you will have the perfect cover for you book.

What we offer

  • The best collection of pre-made book covers available anywhere.
  • Our covers are only sold once, so your cover is unique.
  • Shop with confidence knowing our New Zealand based team are here to help you
  • We specialise in creating a beautiful theme for each book series
  • Dozens of covers spanning every genre.
  • Get a great looking cover without breaking the bank.
  • Buy one of our covers and give your book the best chance of success.
  • Purchase high quality, affordable premade covers online.
  • Each cover design is original and unique.
  • Designers add your cover text for free.

Range Road Press is a small family-owned business based in New Zealand. Our staff are paid a living wage. Shop with confidence our site features Cyber Security.

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